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Long Story Short, I Survived

​In 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just after my 35th birthday.  I had a three year old and six year old at home. Scared and in shock, I was quickly thrown into 16 chemotherapy treatments before undergoing a double mastectomy. A few months later, I had a hysterectomy as I found out that I was a carrier of the BRCA1 gene mutation.
In June 2018 four surgeries were done and I was in remission but felt as though I could not just walk away. In July 2018 the ideas for Joyful Packages was born, offering gifts for cancer patients both in treatment and in recovery.  Though Joyful Packages are for purchase, proceeds get donated to various cancer charities across Canada.

I hope the items offered by Joyful Packages brings you or your loved one some comfort and extra support during your experience with cancer.

Love, Joy

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